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Automating and linking together web services and APIs using the Rules module

Sept 25th, 2013 | by drunomics

Hi, we are ...

  • Wolfgang Ziegler (fago), @the_real_fago
  • Christian Ziegler (criz), @crizzirc

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What can you expect?

No unicorns. No miracles.
But socialmedia, rules, APIs, automation and all together...

The Rules module

Reacting on various events in your Drupal system.

Events - Conditions - Actions

But wouldn't it be great to react also on external events?

Or to have actions for creating content on Facebook or Twitter?

Now you can!

Happy Drupalist

Some examples

Posting tweets on Facebook automatically

Saving Facebook posts as Drupal entities

Saving flickr pictures in your dropbox

Why do we need this?

Can't we just use a tool like ifttt.com?

More flexibility when using Drupal

  • Already hundreds of events, conditions and actions available
  • Seamless integration to Drupal`s entity API

It's OpenSource

  • Adopt it as you need it
  • Integrate your own tools
  • No vendor lock-in

You control your data

  • Trust yourself, not others
  • No need to authenticate third-party applications

Look outside your box

  • Don't forget about your content outside your CMS
  • Interaction happens everywhere
  • Leverage intelligence from all the available APIs out there

But how does it work now?

fluxkraft logo

fluxkraft = Rules + External services

packaged in an easy to install distribution

Module suite vs. distribution

The flux module suite

Drupal + Rules + external services

Install flux Services + e.g. flux flickr modules

It looks like this

fluxkraft module suite

fluxkraft distribution

Download and install!

It looks like this

fluxkraft distribution

A note for developers

fluxkraft uses OOP!

As a result we get

  • Less Drupalism -> use libraries!
  • fluxservice comes with Guzzle: http://guzzlephp.org/
  • An easy port to Drupal 8 (future proof)
  • Better chances that external developers chime in

Basic concepts

Service endpoints

Before interacting with a service you need to register application credentials (e.g. your Twitter app).

Service accounts

Multiple service user accounts
Per user or system-wide

Remote entities for everything!

Supported services

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • RSS/Atom feeds
  • Dropbox
  • flickr
  • LinkedIn (dev)
  • XING (dev)

Time for some action!

Sending a Facebook post to twitter

Link to the video

Automatic retweeting

Link to the video

Sending an e-mail when there is a new RSS item

Link to the video

Automating Twitter lists

Link to the video

Good to know...

Cron and service rate limits

  • Configure cron on your server
  • Check API limits
  • Be careful what you are doing

Respect API's terms of services

  • Be careful what you are doing
  • Automating doesn't make sense in every case
  • Don't spam!

Back to the future

Next steps

  • Share rules on fluxkraft.com
  • Improve scheduling
  • Improve logging
  • Provide more documentation


  • Active community of happy users
  • Contributions, contributions, contributions
  • Make integrating new APIs fun!


fluxservice module as base for social media integrations

Content marketing

Easy dev automation

Integrate with other self-hosted tools

owncloud, e-mail server, ...

Internet of things


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